Hand Poured, Hand Polished, Hand Stamped

Classic hand poured silver bars, small batch silver bullion.

Shop Announcement!

   Hello my dear friends and customers. I am sorry to say that I have an announcement to make regarding the It’s ok to be white, Polar Bear rounds. Ebay has has informed me that they are banning the IOTBW polar bear, under their offensive items policy. They say that the white polar bear, with the phrase “It’s OK to be white” has strong racist references. I rely on the sales of these rounds to provide for my family, it is PBP’s best selling round and the loss of sales from this bullion round will create a financial hardship for my business and family. Ebay continues to allow the sales of, It’s OK to be black, It’s OK to be gay and a host of other Its ok to be.... products but the phrase It’s OK to be white with relation to a white polar bear is NOT ok for Ebay.


    It is OK to be who ever you are!! That is the point of these rounds. The “white” polar bear was the main image on this bar. It was a satire bar, meant to say “hey this is the way I was born”! It says it is ok to be white, I see NOTHING wrong or racist with that saying. Of course it is OK, why wouldn’t it be! It is OK to be whoever you are! Young, old, black, white, Asian, gay, straight, transgender, don’t ever let anyone (even EBay) tell you that it is NOT OK to be who you are! Unfortunately that is exactly what EBay is saying. That it is not OK to be white, even if you are a polar bear. They have chosen to damage my reputation and my business with these false accusations. They have taken down my auctions and left my customers in the dust, for this I apologize to my customers that had bidded on items that eBay has taken down.


      Ebay is on the wrong side of this issue, they have shown great bias and discrimination. I will be disputing this decision, EBay has decided that the fight against this small veteran owned business was worth fighting. I am afraid though that I will be without recourse, trying to fight against a Goliath like Ebay. I do stand by my silver rounds, and I will NOT apologize for them. For I have done NOTHING WRONG. In fact PBP has donated profits from this design to the innocence project charity. This round has actually helped the wrongly convicted and incarcerated minorities in this country. Too bad it has been branded “racist” by Ebay. PBP will continue to raise money to help wrongly convicted minorities that lack legal representation. I would like to say I am against racism %100, no race is better than any other. I judge people on the content of their character never on their appearances.


  Today the political correctness and the cancel culture, is out of control. Our right of free speech is being trampled on, not by the government but by big corporations. They have the monopolies and they have the control. What ever happened to the, I disagree with what you said but I will defend your right to say it? Freedom, liberty and equality for all! Thanks for your support silver community. 


These are just a few of the many bullion products PBP has made. More Photos to come!


Hello! My name is Shane, I started PolarBearPours out of a passion for silver. I have always felt that silver is very undervalued. The properties of silver are unmatched by any other element. The electrically conductive, highly reflective metal has been prized as a store of value and wealth for millenia. In the age of ballooning national debt and "digital currencies", Polar Bear Pours provides an investment you can hold and own.

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I am very active on Instagram! That is where I do my treasure hunts! Feel free to contact me through IG!

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