Hand Poured, Hand Polished, Hand Stamped

Classic hand poured silver bars, small batch silver bullion.

New for 2020 "Plunder Burn Pillage"!

   The big banks have declined us. Big bullion ignores us. The major marketplaces have BANNED us. The government has taxed us. The puppet masters try everything, but they can not stop us! The stackers stack us. The community collects us. The Savers save us. Now in 2020 the pirates will turn the tables. PBP will Plunder Burn and Pillage those that wish to destroy us. Capt Coda, lead us to true Tresheeezzz!!!!


These are just a few of the many bullion products PBP has made. More Photos to come!


Hello! My name is Shane, I started PolarBearPours out of a passion for silver. I have always felt that silver is very undervalued. The properties of silver are unmatched by any other element. The electrically conductive, highly reflective metal has been prized as a store of value and wealth for millenia. In the age of ballooning national debt and "digital currencies", Polar Bear Pours provides an investment you can hold and own.

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PO box 45726 Oklahoma City OK


(405) 436-5271


I am very active on Instagram! That is where I do my treasure hunts! Feel free to contact me through IG!

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