Frequently asked questions

How fast do you ship?

I will ship with 1-2 business days after cleared payment. If delayed you will be notified.

Do you ship overseas ?

Not at the moment. Issues pertaining to customs, excess shipping cost and fraud have left us unable to deliver international.

What are your bars made of?

We only use .999 clean fine assayed silver shot. We work with the biggest bullion dealer in the US to provide quality bullion products.

So where can I buy these bars then?

Your best bet to buy PBP products is through our EBAY store and auctions.Polar Bear Pours also has 1000's of bullion products all over the secondary market. Reaching out on social media or through your LCS word of mouth.

Why is everything invitation only? I do not get it?

Polar Bear Pours LLC started pouring silver in 2017. Our products were met with great enthusiasm by the precious metal community. During that time PBP took off, we very quickly became one of the top independent bullion dealers on Instagram. We have sold 100's of different style bullion products, pouring up to 500 OZT a day. We were asked by multiple large online bullion dealers in the US and Canada about carrying our bullion products. We did decide to do business with our hometown APMEX, and they were extremely helpful. Long story short we grew too fast. Having trouble meeting such high demand and lacking the true capital to really expand we were forced to pull back on the reins. So for now we are going back to our roots, for the love of silver. So our products are very limited on availalibility and made in very small batches now. We are in talk with major players in the precious metals trade, and are optimistic of the future.

Can I ask for an invitation, or a custom order?

Please do not ask for an invitation. We also do not do any custom orders. For custom orders I would highly reccomend Dixie Silver Miner, they do great work.

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