I was asked by one of our customers if we would be willing to make something for the Black stacker community. He said “we don’t get a lot of products geared towards us”. After some brainstorming with my parent, we came up with BlackWallStreet. Being a local Oklahoma company that loves US history, it was the right fit. This bar pays respect to the hardworking black entrepreneurs of Tulsa OK Greenwood district, the 1921 etched into the street sign is a somber reminder of the loss of life during the race riots of 1921. The spirit of BlackWallStreet lives on! We make all our products from the finest .999 All our pieces are uniquely designed, individually hand poured, hand stamped, and antiqued for your stacking. Weights 2 OZT ENJOY!

2 OZT “Blackwallstreet” 1921 Tulsa OK .999 silver