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Retired & Rare Silver Bullion

PolarBearPours silver bars tell a story. The company really started just out of the love of precious metals. PBP has made many pieces and designs of silver and gold bullion, not every design will make this page. As a collector myself, I find the story behind the metal interesting. The information on this page just highlights certain pieces and designs, that I believe are truly special and unique.

The Ugliest pour ever made!

           (and the rarest)


The authentic 'UGLY" skull has an indented right eye socket. Also on the back is stamped with the classic style Polar Bear Stamp.

Rarity level: Legendary 

Mintage: Less than 5 


    When I first started the company, I did not have a lot of money. To save on costs, I engraved my graphite molds by hand! With a screw driver I would slowy but surely carve out a shape. I was proud, I made my own skull mold and put the skull on ebay.


   I was also new to Instagram at this time. When I logged on to Instagram I saw that someone (@silver_buyer) posted a picture of my skull pour from my ebay ad. He had posted it with something to the lines of...this has to be the ugliest piece of silver I have ever seen, who made this piece of crap? Well I popped up and said, I did!!!!!! We exchanged a couple words and I went on my way. It was ok. It was ugly. The negative critics drove me to push harder and create better and more quality silver.

    About a year later, I had improved and grown tremendously. The person that originally posted the ugly pic reached out to me and said that they suprised at how much better I got. They said they really enjoy my silver now:) I thought that was very nice and I appreciated their feedback. We are on good terms,lol. As far as the ugly skulls? I guess they were not too ugly that no one would buy, I actually sold several. Less than 5 and the mold has been destroyed. I consider the ugly skull the rarest of the rare  PBP piece and a testament to keep going no matter how hard or far away a goal seems. If you have one you must have been a very early supporter so THANK YOU, and hang on to that ugly thing!!

The Miners set!!!

Rarity level: Ultra Rare 

Mintage: Less than 50 



    The miners set! These were also created from hand engraved graphite molds. They came out much better than the UGLY skull though and they sold better also. These were both 1 ozt bars. Great care was taken to ensure the minecart would stand up, which was very hard to do with a one oz pour. These have been retired and are no longer being made. I may create another version in the future but these are the original. If you have these minecarts or pickaxes consider yourself very very lucky!

The ORIGINAL PBP stamp/logo


Rarity level: Ultra Rare --- Mintage: Varied/low

   This is how it all began. Do you have some of PBP's early 2017 work? You have to be careful because there are multiple editions of this stamp logo, one that we still use today. So how to know if you have the "original"? The way to tell is the text inside the polar bear is all one line. The text in the original was small and hard to read. So on other later editions of the stamp, the .999 fine silver was broken into two larger lines of text. To those of you that have these original bars and supported us when we were small, feel free to send me a picture of what you have and we can get you a COA for it possibly if its a first edition. 

Dead Head Bob Serial 420???

Rarity level: Ultra Rare 

Mintage: 21?


   While all PBP serialized bars are very rare, I love the story of the Dead Head Bobs first serialized run of mean 21. Only originally planned as a run of 20 serialized bars, they were so popular they sold out in less than 1 minute. They sold out so fast that the inventory system on the web store actually glitched out. The last two people must have placed it at exactly the same time and the computer excepted both orders actually putting my inventory at negative 1, a serialized round that I did not have. I came to a agreement with the oddball customer, it was actually their idea for a serial 420. I loved the idea. It got me out of the doghouse and it is a great story to a very popular round. If you scooped up one of the first 20 serialized DHB rounds. Way to go!

The first ten Manhattan project rounds

Rarity level: Rare 

Mintage: 10


    All ten serialized Manhattan project silver bullion rounds went up on ebay. There was tons of interest on these. What I loved about these was one customer was determined to get the entire set of ten. That caused the price of all ten to be extremely inflated. It had gotten so high that some on silverbugs reddit accused me of using a bogus account to shill bid or run up the price of my own items. When I saw all ten high bids were from the same person, I too was worried about a potential non payer/bogus bidder. Turns out the bidder was real, They won the entire sweet first set of ten serialized rounds also. I assume they still have all ten. So if you see a serialized Manhattan project round be sure to pick it up, just make sure it comes with the certificate of authenticty!

Serial one of the CSA gold!

Rarity level: Ultra Rare 

Mintage: 1


When a new design is made from PBP, a first run of serialized bars is done. Usually 10 or 20 mintages. The exception of this would be for the 1 OZT Confederate gold. Even though several were sold, it only had a serialized run of 1. Once again always make sure to keep or check the certificate of authenticity, and that it matches up with the serial number stamped on the bar.

X marks the spot bars!!

Rarity level: ULTRA Rare 
Mintage: Less than 10


I have to mention the x marks the spot bars. There are several different styles of these out there, some a little wacky. They are all very rare though. The only way to get one of these bars is to win the polarbearpours instagram digital treasure hunt. So if you have one of these bars that means you beat out other digital treasure hunters and have opened the digital treasure chest. Way to go!!!!!

Rarity level: Ultra Rare 

Mintage: 1/1


This One Oz PBP pour with gold Inlay went for big money at Ebay auctions, with over 20 watchers it sold for $150+++.

It was a 1/1 for that design. 


Rarity level: RETIRED/Rare 
Mintage: less than 500 2 OZT/ 1 5OZT


The 2020 version of the join or die bar is no longer being made. The version that said Join or Die 2020, has been retired. The bar is still being made but it now says "Join or Die .999FS". So if you were lucky enough to get your hands one the 2020 version, consider yourself lucky. Even luckier PBP made a mintage 1 - 5 troy oz bar. That is the only 5 OZT Join or Die bar in existence. 

The AK 4.7 OZT bar

Rarity level: Ultra Rare 

Mintage: Less than 50 


     The AK 4.7 ozt bar, while not retired is extremely limited and has always been incredibly popular. There are two versions of this bar. The first and more rare actually weighed 5 ozt. After I made a few of those (less than 5 I was struck with the bright idea of just making them actually weigh 4.7 ozt, just like the AK47 gun, get it? :) Anyways I feel these need an honorable mention because they are only mentioned in legend and has always been extremely hard to get. Do you have one of the few 5 OZT's?

PBP PURPLE Limited Edition 4TWENTY22

Rarity level: Ultra Rare 
Mintage: 100


PBP celebrates purple budz on 4TWENTY22! Usually green PBP made 100 purple versions of the Dead Head Bob cult classic. All purple rounds have a unique 6 point star identifier on the reverse. Did you catch one?

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