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Click on chest above to put in cart and try to crack $499.99 off code!




10th HUNT HAS ENDED! @Nickherrer4 has won again! 3 times in a row. Solving coupon code BRABBLEBOUTMAIDENS in 28 minutes. Big thanks to @RAREMETTLE for helping to sponsor the 9th PBP digital treasure hunt! To win, find my instagram digital treasure hunt video posted on 10/04/120, announcing this promotion. Solve the 3 hints that will drop on Instagram, the last one will drop on OCT 11th 9PM Eastern on the dot. String together the 3 correct answers ALLCAPSNOSPACES, if the code is correct the coupon will take $499.99 off the chest making it free! You still have to be the first to complete checkout, use our "cash payment" option. Only one chest in stock and then it will be sold out. US residents only.


They will never be able to steal Pirate Polar Bears treasure though because it's locked. The only way that this chest can be unlocked and the treasure stolen is if they figured out the pirates $499.99 dollar off promo code. The Pirate will post hints on instagram that help him remember his own code. If you figure out the code move fast to check out, you won't be the only thief out for this treasure.

What is in the chest? It will be a custom 1 oz fine silver treasure map, X marks the spot collaboration with RARE METTLE. The only way to get your hands on one of these pieces is to unlock the code to the chest. Also a silver coin in the chest PCGS graded MS64 Full Bell Lines mercury dime AARGGH! A mercury dime. %90 silver. You will also receive a glass vial of Pure .999 silver shot. Did someone say 2 TROY OZ??? There is a .999 2OZT PLUNDER BURN PILLAGE BY PBP. Also some  crystals and a wood treasure chest, all yours!!!You also get to take home the custom PBP chest filled with treasure. AARGGHHH! It is too much!

Follow PolarBearPours on instagram if you are brave enough adventurer. See if you can crack this code to this chest, silver stacker!


Shout out to our previous winners!


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4.@CMcoins (two time champion)



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10.@nickherrer4 (three time champion)

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